Preparing Your Garden for the Cold Months

The winter season is simply around the corner. You’ve got to take care of your garden first before you take out your Christmas decors. If you don’t prepare your garden for the cold months, you might end up with a dead garden by spring.  

Today, we are going to share with you some tips on how to prepare your garden for the winter season. You can make these things a lot easier if you hire garden services Horsham

Plant Your Bulbs 

For those who don’t know, the bulb ones are one of the best spring-flowering plants. They’ve got to be planted in the Autumn season. The rules for planting are quite easy. You’ve got to bury the plant 2 to 3 times their own size in depth. You should also space them out at a similar distance. You can visit a garden shop, pick the colors you like, and ensure your garden will be great when spring arrives.  

Protect Newly-Planted Trees 

The cold winter season might not be harmful to your perennials or your lawn. However, it certainly will be for newly planted trees. Of course, you’ve got to do something to protect them if you want them to thrive. There are 2 things you can do. First, wrap them in clear polythene. This will help protect the tree from wet conditions. Second, you can wrap them up through a wire netting structure. This will help protect the tree from the wind.  

Fertilize the Lawn 

After you’ve emptied the compost and used it for your lawn, you can fertilize your lawn by giving it the most appropriate and the best nutrients. These things will help strengthen the roots and promote growth. They will ensure your garden will appear amazing when spring arrives. Since fertilizing isn’t a simple job, you should ask a professional and do your research first. 

Gather All the Falling Leaves and Clear the Borders 

We all know that fall is known for all the falling leaves. They’re colorful and beautiful. In addition to that, they generate a mood that makes you drink tea in the afternoons and go on long walks. However, you still have to do something. You’ve got to get rid of all the falling leaves.  

Take Care of Your Annuals 

Annual plats are extremely elegant. They create a vibrant atmosphere and add color to your garden. However, their time is up. If you simply leave them alone, they will not thrive during the winter months. Because of this, you’ve got to dig all of them. Then, you can add them to your compost. This will help you create a room for non-perennial plants that you’re going to plant next year. 

Clean Your Compost Bins 

You’ll have to obtain a lot of material for the compost bin whenever you start to sort out your yard. On the other hand, everything that you placed in your compost is already well-established. Because of this, you should clear your compost and use the things you obtained from it to protect your lawn.